Turmeric for beauty, skin and yes cooking

Ginger and turmeric two of natures greatest healers  readily available in stores near you.


Ginger root Turmeric root and Turmeric powder

As  a  trainee Yoga teacher we we taught to start our day breaking our fast with nature’s two great healers- ginger – an aid  to digestion and Turmeric  as an anti septic and blood cleanser. This we cooked in oats  served with milk ,  considered by Yogis as a whole food.)

In  Ayurveda  Turmeric for shingles, A thick layer of mustard oil is first smeared on the affected part and then dusted with Turmeric powder it is said healng takes place within 3 to 4 days.

Turmeric is also used to penetrate the minutest of channels and open up blockages. It has an energising effect on the immune system and is being used to assist in some treatments of AIDS. A favourite with the food flavouring industry because of it’s bright yellow colour. We understand it works as a blood thinner, purifier and helps to also coagulate blood. Farida Irani an Ayurvedic practitioner says that in “India if someone has had a fall or an accident the person is immediately giving Turmeric  powder , half a teaspoon with sugar as it helps to dissolve any blood clots or prevent internal bleeding.” She says it helps to coagulate the blood in bleeding occurring through an injury and therefore is valuable to have as part of your first aid kit.”

The University of Texas researchers added cur cumin to lab grown melanoma cells to see if the spice could stop the cells from surviving and reproducing. The more curcumin  they added to the melanoma, the more cells died. The researchers believe that the cur cumin  could shut down a powerful protein that promotes and abnormal inflammatory response, which is believed to cause a variety of disorders, including arthritis and cancer.

An article in the Reader’s Digest suggests that a compound which makes curries yellow could help inhibit skin cancer.

In Ayurveda it is stated that it is not just the  chemistry  or properties of the plant or the standard tastes but the “PRABHAV” which is the special energetic glow or affect that makes the plant have unusual therapeutic qualities. Oils especially have a Pranic energy field of their own. (Prana is life force)


In Ayurveda Turmeric is used for shingles, A thick layer of mustard oil is first smeared on the affected part and then dusted with Turmeric powder it is said healng takes place within 3 to 4 days.Farida explains that Turmeric helps in wound healing .

The therapeutic value of Turmeric oil  for the body:   antibacterial. Helps with diseases of poor circulation, anaemia, it is a stimulant, tonic, good for  coughs, helps stabilise blood sugar for diabetes.( Fresh Turmeric grated in salads or cooked in rice or oats for breakfast) Removes liver obstruction,  arthritis, alcers,  is an anti-inflammatory and blood purifier

Skin: antiseptic, ringworms, itching, Eczema, wounds, bruises, heating, moisturising, cleanser, detoxify, oily skin.

Mind: Emotions has a calming effect on emotions,  grounding, Helps remove confusion, anxiety,

references:  Medicinal Plants of India. Roa  A 1987  Irani Farida “The Magic of Ayurveda.” Sydney Subtle Energies.

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When you think you don’t matter

Have you seen them, these creatures gorgeous and gaudy, lighter than air. You must stop, stay still, to see them these other worldly creatures, called butterflies.

This post started because I photographed a beautiful butterfly. I have had  maybe 20 attempts to upload my photo.papilio-rumanzovia-22987_1280   No way it will not happen today so here is photo from Pixabay.com- with Thanks

Lighter than  air floating on a breeze.

And yes I persevered one more time and here is my photo.


Photo from the neighbour’s garden.


“We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.”  
― LeeAnn Taylor

And yet some days we forget our beauty , otherworldly ness. We become stifled with self and all the little wounds and tears to our personality seem to loom large. I’m  not good enough_ seems to fill our mind. We become heavy, Earth bound and dismal,feeling unworthy and unwanted. Overwhelmed. We question self worth and our deserving is questioned. Time to take stock. sit still and breath remember only when you are perfectly still will the ethereal beautiful butterfly land on us.


And when you think you are too small and don’t matter think of the other winged wonder who now is making news headlines the mosquito. ”


Asian Tiger Mosquito I included it as it is beautifully marked.
John Keats
“I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but three summer days – three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.”
― John Keats, Bright Star: Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Brawne.


“If you think you are too small to make a difference.

try spending a night with a mosquito.  ”                    African Proverb

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Heart Health

heart-1164567_1280Did you know your heart emits an electromagnetic field

5,000 times stronger than your brain?

And that many ancient cultures believed in tapping into the heart’s inherent powers for sensing truth and even bending reality? Researchers at the HeartMath Institute even found that the human heart responds to intuitive information like a ‘hunch’ or a ‘gut feeling’ seconds before it actually happens.Perhaps you have thought of someone and then received their phone call. woke up with a “heavy feeling” only to learn a loved one is not well.  If that happens and you have news of their illness, misfortune or whatever it is, Why not use this knowledge to help heal them.Don’t join the panic, every one else will be commenting on how unwell they look. There skin is  so white etc. step away from that sit quietly calm your breathing picture them robust and healthy and send from your heart to theirs calm and healing.

The 40,000 neurons & intuitive signals your heart sends, like love, happiness & care – to balance your emotions, reduce stress hormones, and boost your immune system.

* Source: http://guidingsigns101.com/science-behind/

What Are Theta Brain Waves? Theta Waves have been linked to having a strong intuition. Have you ever gotten a strong “gut-feeling” about something and your gut turned out to be right? Well, it has been proven that Theta Brainwaves are accessed when you have an instinctual-type “feeling” in the pit of your stomach. Much of the time, our gut-instinct turns out to be right – even when our logical Beta Brainwaves want to take over. http://www.brainwavesblog.com/tag/theta-waves.
Five Steps to Intuitive Healing, by Judith Orloff, M.D. The magic of intuition is that it insists you live in the moment with no expectations, a continuing freshness. Intuition is our birthright, available to everyone.*Source: http://www.soulfulliving.com/intuitivehealing.htm


Your beliefs become your


Your thoughts become your


your words become your


your actions become your


Your habits become your

values ,

Your values become your destiny.              Mahatma Gandi

And I truly believe if you live with the wish to help others your heart remains healthy and strong.

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Early morning serenity – Simple exercise/Meditation

The “Fella” went fishing this morning. So set the alarm, even though I had intended rolling over when it sounded and returning to sleep  my senses seemed wide awake. I was  dozing as he was collecting his fishing gear, I smelt  he was making me a cup of tea.I heard the kettle sing, I saw the  sky was cloudless, after days of rain. Perhaps I could leave my warm bed to take the dog for an early morning beach walk. Glad we did, the dog loves the beach and sniffs and runs freely kicking up sand and spinning in circles of delight, then charging into the waves, (then back to me as if to say thank you) and has an almighty enjoyable time. I had taken the camera and the tea in a thermo cup ( wonderful invention) I found a driftwood log to sit on to soak up the serenity.


Our dog loves the beach

The soft grey horizon eased from pink and grey  to liquid gold as the ball of the sun rose from behind the cliff ,the sea swelled and rippled, from a soft murmur to waves that slid with sunlight.


Serene with the stillness

Our dog ran ahead and returned often as I sat there and watched the passing of the Sea Eagle  overhead send the seagulls to flight. In the distance, I think,  the passing flight  were swans. All in silence.

sunrise the perfect time to meditate.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Perhaps you do not live near the sea, or do not wish to rise at 5.30 a.m. Maybe you are just learning to Meditate. The secret to expanding your mind into silence is to allow more space into your mind/life.

You can try this simple exercise sitting on the train to work, while still in bed or before sleeping.

Slow your breathing, softly allow the breath to deepen.

Become aware of your surroundings.

I could feel the the hard timber beneath my bottom, sand, cold through my sandals,  the collar of my jacket against my skin.

Activate your sense of silence. Let it wrap itself around you

Activate your sense of touch it is your heart that calls for this ( feel the touch of of clothes on skin.)

Activate your sense of taste,  salt in the air and on my tongue

Activate your sense of sight, what are you eyes drinking in? Close them gently.

Activate your sense of  smell.

Active your sense   of  touch.

Activate your sense of  listening, it is the silence you are listening for.


For more depth try my Free app at Google App store  ( for Android)

play.google.com/Apps‎      Yogameditation one word then stroll down to Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 3.47.03 pm

yoga and meditation and see above.


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Thanks to the fire brigade

After the fire

Volunteer Fire Brigade  photo by Lorraine

Cleaning out my emails I discovered this one to my brother.

“Well it has been the strangest day for me.
Initially I thought I had achieved nothing.
Now that the evening meal is finished and I have the time to reflect I realise the gifts the day has brought.
I cancelled the yoga class, knowing my voice and body could not last the hour and a half class. no focus or clarity you see. So we sat in the morning sunlight, the Yoga students, (those who hadn’t received the email) and I and we talked and laughed.

I put eye drops in a friends eyes( they were irritated by the smoke.)

I laughed with a friend and neighbour and thanked him for making me feel safe as we worked together.

A neighbour walking her dog past, stopped to ask after us.
She explained that something had woken her minutes after midnight, she new not what, and then fell back into sleep. Not believing that she had slept through it.
( and assured me the home owners were insured.)
This evening I was given a hug by a colleague and friend who arrived full of concern about how we were the “Fella” and I. She had just heard the news from the post mistress.

Striding down the hill,Another couple of volunteer fire fighters, “yes I’ve had a sleep and feel much better now” two more “Fires”and we all conferred on last nights fire.

Having related our roles, in the smoke heat and confusion, we could not always know what other brigade members were doing,radios do not always work, we spoke on how we could improve things. This was for most of us the first structure fire we have had to attend in our village.
Someone’s home someones shelter, Shocked as she was the lady home owner called to us as we arrived “Be careful, be careful there are gas bottles around the side of the house.”

Our village is small and we are blessed with the back up we received from other Volunteer Fire Brigades. The Ambulance and Police, Search and Rescue, how lucky we are to have them arriving quickly.
The sense of sadness lingers like the smell of smoke ,that is faintly whisping around the rooms. The people who have lost their home. We could not save it, we were able to stop it spreading to surrounding homes.

I wish to thank the wind for not blowing, the moon for lighting the night,((flashing lights on stationary fire trucks can’t cover it all and the fire is often masked by billowing smoke.) And the cold air for descending, (would be a frost in the valleys by morning. Though my teeth were chattering at one stage. Cold or shock or adrenalin wearing off, I do not know.) I am thankful that the house had space around it, enough for us to drag our fire hoses around. That we are not on tank water, mains pressure provides a good water supply. (Since then I learned that we had run out of water. The reticulated water supply cannot handle too many trucks using it – old fashioned piping too small.)
And for the people who are the team called Volunteer Fire Brigade, who call unknown strengths in me and have such big hearts.

For the couple who have lost home and the easy structure of their lives, I wish you courage and Hope.
Sleep well in your bed for that is were I am going now .

Good night, God bless

Love Lorraine.”

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My relationship with Yesterday

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 9.40.14 pm.png

The rain has set in, I awake to the stillness and realise it is the blanket of softly falling rain that carpets and quietens the world. No sounds, birds hushed, sea quieter, no children’s chatter outside, rain forming a mist, mantleing and beading the spider web , the edges of the strawberry plants,  rainbow droplets.



A good day to clear out the clutter, dispose and disperse of so much. How hard can that be? Funny how pulling dress/frock from wardrobe, teeshirt from the draw brings back so many memories.( I wore that in Italy,bought that with my sister.)

How much of our life seems to be pulling out the drawer called yesterday?

How can life arrive each day fresh and new if I have filled it with yesterdays scents and smells, old ideas need to wash away so joy and spontaneity can arrive. Each shining rain drop holds a world of possibilities and probabilities as does each moment.  So do we if only we would live in the now, Meditate on the moment. Loose your self in watching a rain drop slide down  a window. Close your eyes and hear the rain. Be with this moment this breath.


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Hey don’t take anything personally.

From last blog   Agreement one   Be impeccable with your word.

This is taken from the Toltec wisdom  rewritten by Don Miguel Ruiz in his book The Four Agreements.”

Agreement two:

Don’t take anything personally.

“Nothing others do is because of you.What others say and do is a perception of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.”

One of the Swamis   years ago told us that their is much suffering in the world because of confusion. Learn to be clear in what you want and what you say. Not an easy thing to do.

Agreement three:    Don’t make assumptions 

“Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want.

Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama.”

Once you put this into action your whole life can transform.

Agreement four :  Always do your best 

“Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick Under any circumstance simply do your best.”

Then and only then will you stop suffering from regrets and

self recrimination.

More on Don Miguel Ruiz,s web site


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