Stillness in each moment

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 7.37.00 pmRemember  you are in the moment when you take time to

Breathe in calmly and deeply.

breathe out

Breathe in calmly and deeply.  So simple,well not always…so many distractions to take us away from this simplicity.  So again Just breathe in Calmly and deeply.

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Ancient wisdom + modern Knowledge

Walking through a local market and listening to 2 women speak at a stall, I was intrigued that they were speaking about inflammation, as a major cause of disease.

The seller was speaking about having finally got off a series of heavy medications.she is now free from arthritic pain and uses no medication, as i continued to eaves drop I learned   the miracle drug was  a rainforest plant called turmeric. Wasn’t I taught that in Yoga that it clears the “Strotas”

Having recently been in Port Douglas,  Queensland Australia, stopping at the markets I bought a packet  of Tilbury’s Tonics -dried  turmeric and black pepper and coconut oil powder, for our beloved dog, who suffers from inflammation in his ear. Funny how so much of what I was taught in my Yoga Teachers course…… well could it really be 30 years ago is now prominent in health news.

We were expected to cook with turmeric in most of our meals and include a tablespoon of honey in our daily diet. This way there  would be no aches  pains after yoga class practice.

And now friends and students are sending me back  links on information, something I learned all those years ago, so here it is for you to enjoy and please add it to your daily foods. Yes I cook with it and start each day with Turmeric at breakfast,please  ask for the recipe.

I have taken this straight from Anthony William’s Blog”

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 7.27.17 pm.png

Here is Anthony Williams  – Turmeric Ginger shots

4 inches turmeric
4 inches fresh ginger
2 oranges
4 garlic cloves

One at a time, run each ingredient through the juicer, keeping the juices separate. Combine 1 teaspoon turmeric juice, 1 teaspoon ginger juice, 1/4 teaspoon garlic juice, and 1/4 cup of orange juice in a small glass. Stir to combine and drink immediately.

Note: the amount of ingredients necessary will vary greatly based on the juicer that is used.

Makes 2 to 4 servings.

“Turmeric is the ultimate antidote. At the same time that it attends to inflammation, turmeric’s powerful agents and compounds increase blood supply to areas of the body that need enhanced circulation, which makes this an ideal spice for those who have chronic histamine reactions, or toxic blood due to a sluggish liver or poor circulation. Turmeric’s high level of manganese combined with its curcumin make it great for the cardiovascular system—it lowers bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol, helps inhibit tumors and cysts, and can prevent virtually any type of cancer, especially skin cancers. Plus, the manganese activates curcumin’s ability to extract toxic heavy metals from your system”.

A word of caution:

Perhaps you do not know that Turmeric has such a strong colour, and will stain, a student of mine, excited to cook with it for the first time ,laid all the ingredients out on her bench and whilst frying the garlic and oil in ghee managed to upset the turmeric container , golden powder sprayed over her kitchen tiles. Moping madly at the spreading yellow stain , Diane managed to massage the turmeric powder into the grout of the tiles.

Do not panic, either lemon juice, freshly squeezed  or crushed fresh tomatoes,seeds and all, will remove the stain.

If you are unsure about drinking it here is a tried and true recipe:

Aromatic Yellow Rice:

Serves 6:

Long grain or basmati  15 fluid ounces of 4 2 5 mil

1 pint water( 570 ml)

salt to taste

3/4  teaspoon ground turmeric

3-4 whole cloves

1 inch (2.5  cm) stick of cinnamon

3 bay leaves

3 tablespoons unsalted butter or Ghee, diced small piece

Put the rice in a bowl and wash in several changes water.

Drain, pour 2 pints (1.125 Litres) fresh water over the rice and let it soak for half an hour. Drain the rice in a sieve.Combine the drained rice, one pint water,(570 mls) water, salt, turmeric, cloves, cinnamon and bay leaves in a heavy pot and bring to a boil. Cover with a tight- fitting lid, turning heat to very, very low, and cook for 25 minutes. Let the pot rest, covered and undisturbed for 10 minutes. And the diced butter to the rice and mix gently with a fork. Remove the whole spices before serving.   Taken from     Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian cookery.


Ginger root and ground turmeric



“For those who have trouble acknowledging their own self-worth, turmeric is ideal. If you find that you downplay your contributions to projects or relationships, are constantly down on yourself, or have trouble accepting compliments, bring turmeric into your life to help you appreciate just what a valuable, shining human being you are, and all the positives you have to offer.”still from the Blog of Anthony Williams.

As Yoga teacher trainees we were full of self doubt, the concepts were mind blowing  ,such as –we come from a beginning less beginning, unborn and undying.” and our elegant and graceful teacher, how could we impart such wisdom and effortless grace into our Yoga classes.  And yet we somehow managed to add Yoga teaching to our lives.  Must have been the turmeric.


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The best present.Stop worrying.

The morning started with me opening up my phone for last nights text.
Our men are coming home tomorrow

by bus leaving at 8 a. m.

but no other details available as yet.

Hope you sleep well.Cheers R………

Valentines Day for me was complete with the fella and other members of our Fire brigade coming home safely.

I had been carrying my phone with me where ever I went, dog walking on the beach, cleaning windows, washing floors. Keeping myself busy. (No time to worry by being busy, Going to bed to tired to worry.)Because I was waiting for the very brief calls, that my fellow was able to get to me. He was out fighting horrendous fires.

For the men and  women who are still fighting the fires in Mudgee, New South Wales.

I wish you safety and courage and most of all a speedy and safe recovery home.

To the people who have lost everything, homes, farms their animals, and possibly their livelihood, there are no words. To stand and watch your green fields turn to black ash, to walk through dusty foundations that only yesterday was your home your sanctuary and your place of peace. Anything I write here will seem lame and hollow.

Though from devastation there must come renewal. First for the human spirit, and in time with the greening of the land, I hope that those who have lost everything, Will once more find Joy in their land and their new life.

This prayer taken from the wisdom of the ancients, is for all who have known the power of fire too close.

May all beings be happy 

May all beings the free

May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering

To the people who phoned me to ask after the Fella and other men and women out fighting . Thank you. Those who invited me for coffee etc, Thank you, it mean’t so much. The knowing that I am part of a community who cares is beyond price and very humbling.



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Being me in a world that is trying to make me someone else.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 2.58.48 pm.png

This lovely image came from eequalsvs.

I am reminded of the saying “Interesting times we live in”



I would like to write more on this but the computer is on go slow today.

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Life is Joy…..well most days.

Some things I struggle with. My school days I am glad are well behind me,I was never the Teacher’s pet. No  my parents probably dreaded Parent’s teacher night. I was the child who tried to blend into the wallpaper.

Because everything we attempt/embrace  / join means taking on and maintaining new skills. Hence the need to update my fire fighter volunteer skills form bush fire or basic to structure fires.



I have just completed a four day Portrait Painting class  with Grace Paleg and woke each morning delighted and anxious in a positive way.Setting out full of wonder that I too, perhaps, could complete a likeness,a portrait, bringing a person to life on paper or canvas.

Rushing home, tired but delighted with my progress, to gulp down a snack  and on two of those evenings I then joined my ‘Fella’ and friend to begin the firefighting Village course. Driving the three quarters of an hour back to school.

I wish I could say I was buzzing with positive energy and expectation. Sadly  the anxiety was about how little I know and how I could let others down, especially in what could be a life threatening situation. This is working on the other side of the brain. Leaving the creative intuitive free fall of painting( yes there are rules involved) over to the anilitical, reading, writing, arithmetic side – no room for error.

And yet so many in the room were nourished and flourishing on the pathways of fire, how solids become gases etc.What type of fire needs what to extinguish it?

As I sat watching the terrifying videos e.g. What happens when a gas tank explodes? I was asking myself …Why am I here?

Answer:  I’m part of a small community that does  not  have enough volunteers,

How can I ask someone else to do what I am unwilling to do?

I have formed strong friendships with the diverse people who do volunteer, these people have taught me so much, enriching my life, I know they also struggle with  the responsibility we all take on. I guess that will have to be enough for me.

The wonderful quote below………. well I am still trying to translate the joy of painting into the Fire fighting aspect of my life.



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Are you green and Growing?

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 8.28.32 pm

Or do we?

It seems to me in a world that is trying it’s best to make you…….

be better, work harder,earn more, spend more to keep the economy a float.

Save more for your old age. Well stay slimmer, eat better, look younger

to be true to yourself is the hardest thing you can do.

And yet who else can you be? You must always be authentic to your self, how else can you bring the gift to the Earth that only you can deliver.

A few tips:
1. Meditate daily
Start with your breath. Each morning just  5-10 minutes each day to sit quietly, close your eyes and just breathe.

Take this time  to see how you feel, not how others expect you to be. Develop a relationship with self.

2. Enjoy some simple pleasures
Easy to spiral downwards when the world seems too much. By giving ourselves small gifts we are able to refill our reserves, which in turn allows us to be our very best.

Only you know what pleasures you can you feel happy. It can be something very simple that takes only a few minutes or something that takes a bit of planning for later in the day or week. my brother told me of organising a trip to surf.Quite an undertaking he said. But the joy of the final half day surfing  travelled well into his working week.

A walk on the beach always lifts my spirits. and I’m sure the dog is smiling at me when we share the beach walk.


wet dog heaven.

Perhaps your simple pleasure is taking a bubble bath, watching a movie . catching up with friends for coffee, Being absorbed by a hobby etc.Remember the challenge is to be green and growing. The alternative is not so healthy. Overipe and rotting.

3. Rest
When you give yourself plenty of rest and time to sleep, you make better choices.

To remain green and growing takes energy, as you spend your energy for the things you want to do  you  become a master of your own destiny.

No time for yourself you say well try just one, and see how it feels. After all, it’s YOUR life. YOU get to choose how you live it.

Green and growing? Is that your choice?

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Spring .

On our morning walk we noticed this pod opening, so intrigued, the hard shell cracking open to reveal  how many seeds? (I came back to photograph the merging life)



Opening the pod

I am intrigued by the beauty of the  process, seeds becoming the silver threads that will act as parachutes to fly the seeds to new and fertile soil.

One pod how many seeds?

Abundance, Nature and Spring,a reminder of the infinite life around us and how life is always renewing and forever giving.



Spun silver light made solid.


If your day bogs down and you feel anxious or overwhelmed, remember your mind also holds endless seeds, endless possibilities, infinite ways to respond to your cares.

Sit still and slow your breath, the silver filaments of your mind will unspool and calm you.

So often the shell we have created around our heart needs to crack open to reveal the infinite abundance and infinite possibilities within our minds. In the inner silence miracles occur.

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