Meditation and your relationships

In any given moment we are in relationship, Starting with how we view our selves,(greater and smaller) and how we view “the other person” and the wider world.Ralph Blum tells us ” while on the one hand you are limited and dependent, on the other you exist at the perfect center where the harmonious and beneficent forces of the universe merge and radiate. You are that center.”

The book of Runes  by Ralph Blum explains that “In relationships there cannot be a mutual opening up. You may serve as the trigger, the timekeeper, through your awareness that the light of understanding is once again available to you both.”

But first know who you are, or at least what you are feeling today. Until we stop and consider our own being, how can we possibly relate to another with the truth and dignity we would like to be given.Perhaps it would be helpful if I reminded you that we live in a Universe that is infinite all giving ,creating anew in every minute. We can only truly be aware of its wonder and majesty -that it is ever-expanding, if we find time to open to our relationship with it. That is every thought I have is  expanding. Every word I speak, every deed I do expands outward, and will spiral me upwards into happiness or downwards into unhappiness. The mind is the filter that these thoughts.  Each thought gives birth,creates a relationship,  maintains that relationship and is  then destroyed.

I believe we all want to live in a loving way with all other beings.To be more creative and giving in all that we do. We would choose to walk in love,  and kindness with a beautiful world as our home. Love puts a spring in our step, and new vistas open up with hope,  we resonate with the universal feeling of unlimited abundance, nothing can hold us back.Becoming aware of the upward or downward spiral, we see how much power the mind has. Mum tells the story if she woke up in a bad mood that would affect all of the family at breakfast.  My mother changed her attitude and that changed our day.

Your presence calms those around you. That is the reason each yoga class begins with relaxation. “Lie down on your matt,close your eyes gently.Allow your feet to flop apart…let the hurry and rush drop away”. Giving people the space  to feel more at peace, less threatened, more at ease.They are then free to have the experience of stillness, a relationship with peacefulness. Other people feel empowered by your relationship to calm,peace and stillness, this will then enhance that in their own life, and through them the lives of others.

Your presence allows others to feel the relationship with Self. To be authentic and peaceful, firstly with them selves and therefore with others.People sense so much more than the words we speak. When they know you are interested in all of the wonder and glory of life and the many forms and people who are created around you, people respond and your relationships resonate with joy, love and will open like beautiful flowers around you.

You impact on the whole of Humanity.

Before Meditation I share with students that  as we slow our breathing it changes the atmosphere around us. The air we breathe is at present circulating around this hall. We inhale it calming our selves, our breathing slows and at the end of our meditation the atmosphere around us is calmer more serene.This is our gift to the next group of people who use this hall. Dr. David Hawkins tells us that approximately 87 percent of humanity calibrates at a collective energy that weakens them. When we allow our minds to spiral downwards,we lose the power of relationship. We are then unable to distinguish lies or truth. Others can tell us how to think,making it important as where we live, the size of our home. The job we do or the car we drive becomes more important than our creativity or daily joy. Worse we are then able to be told which group of people to hate and even who to kill. In Power vs. Force Dr. David Hawkins writes: “In this interconnected universe, every improvement we make in our private world improves the world at large for everyone. We all float on the collective level of consciousness of mankind, so that any increment we add comes back to us. We all add to our common buoyancy by our efforts to benefit life. It is a scientific fact that what is good for you is good for me.” Dr. Hawkins has 29  years of scientific research  which you may want to further investigate.

Meditation improves our relationships with ourselves and that must and will radiate out to the wider world. Just as a bell resonates with its own tone, individual molecules in our body resonate to the  thoughts we create. Hormones and chemicals within our body respond to these and we create our life anew.

“Self – realization means that we have been consciously connected with our source of being.Once we have made this connection, then nothing can go wrong……”        Swami Paramananda



About lorraine

After a nasty fall from my bicycle, coming home from high school, I began suffering from migraines. After a term of Chiropractic adjustments, which helped but did not entirely stop the migraine headaches, my parents in desperation sent me to yoga classes, The only available evening class in our area was filled with pregnant women. I felt out of place as a shy teenager, but persevered. adjustment,breathing, meditation and yoga proved the only therapy that bought relief from the headaches. Feeling well I got on with life, married moved from my home town and forgot the daily yoga practices and there benefits. Coming back to Yoga and meditation helped me manage during the time of my father's Cancer. and death. Later when my Husband became ill the natural decision was to qualify as a Yoga, meditation teacher to further assist others through the difficult times of illness and recovery or death. I have now been benefiting from the science and art of Yoga, Meditation for well over twenty five years.
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