New Years Resolutions. – inspirations

That lovely Yoga saying “This too shall pass” is so true of the Christmas that has so quickly gone.
Such a build up and so much rushing around, the inevitable coming down will occur. So some quiet time is now called for. I find if you can just catch a moment to gaze up into a starry sky, letting the inky darkness bathe your eyes. Take your self to a place to watch water, the wind rippling its surface. Gaze at the colour green, these are the ways to heal your eyes and still your mind. allow your spirit to play.
Focus an your present joy.

and when you feel calm you can make some of those New year Inspirations
Focus on what you have not on what you lack. strong body and calm mind. Often we make New Years Resolutions around our sense of where we perceive we fail.e.g. I resolve to loose weight. stop smoking, give up alcohol.Setting ourselves up to fail before we start.
If weight loss is an issue try repeating quietly each morning.
I feed my body nourishing foods and beverages.” Notice are you eating without being aware of what you eat. Give your self time to create delicious food.

Did you buy or cook , create gifts for everyone but your self? Did you fill your children’s stocking to overflowing and leave nothing for your self. This may lead to you feeling like a martyr or secretly building up resentment. Remember firstly to honour your needs. Happiness comes when you feel secure in your surroundings, knowing you can provide for your self and your family.
New years resolution Enjoy what money can do for you and your family.

Stop the fear when it enters your mind
. Too often I worry when I am succeeding.
as a child we were constantly told we could not do that, somewhere in the back of my mind that recording is still running. After all the fear of failure and the fear of success are both ……..fear

Did you notice some of the people you met in the Christmas holiday season only complained?
Stop spending time with people who have no money and no incentive to earn money.
“If you are the smartest person in the room you need to find a new room.”I liked that from Noah St on his blog New Years financial resolutions.
The yoga saying “Are you green and growing or ripe and rotten?” needs to be revisited as a New Years resolution. Are you inspiring? Do you fill your life with moments of joy, stopping to pat a dog laugh with a child read an inspiring book. To hang around with masters you can borrow books of inspiration from the library. The wonderful thing is as you generate excitement in your life that acts like a magnet and attracts others who will bring more inspiration into your life
Apply it to your body, the way you treat it and nourish it. Your mind resting or working, is it inspiring to you and others and your spiritual life is that ever renewing, as you know it is the force that drives all you do.

Hang around with Masters borrow the DVD,s seek inspiration on U tube , mentors or friends who will give you wings to fly.Include meditation in your daily practice.

Sources: Noah St.
Jennifer Healing with the Masters


About lorraine

After a nasty fall from my bicycle, coming home from high school, I began suffering from migraines. After a term of Chiropractic adjustments, which helped but did not entirely stop the migraine headaches, my parents in desperation sent me to yoga classes, The only available evening class in our area was filled with pregnant women. I felt out of place as a shy teenager, but persevered. adjustment,breathing, meditation and yoga proved the only therapy that bought relief from the headaches. Feeling well I got on with life, married moved from my home town and forgot the daily yoga practices and there benefits. Coming back to Yoga and meditation helped me manage during the time of my father's Cancer. and death. Later when my Husband became ill the natural decision was to qualify as a Yoga, meditation teacher to further assist others through the difficult times of illness and recovery or death. I have now been benefiting from the science and art of Yoga, Meditation for well over twenty five years.
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