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Beach picnic and meditation

Sitting on the the ground sheet, gazing out to sea I could feel the tension dropping away.good practice for stilling the body to prepare for meditation. Continue reading

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Chasing Happiness when it is living inside you.

Relax Happiness resides inside you. says the ancient teaching. Lying on the mat in my yoga class I always melted when my teacher said the words “You already have enough, you already know enough, you already are enough.” But sharing … Continue reading

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Why Meditate?

When you attend a Yoga class you will be asked to remove your shoes and leave them outside the class. Yes it free’s your feet from boots and shoes and your feet enjoy that. I begin my classes with relaxation … Continue reading

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Heart warmer not heart destroyer.

Returning from visiting my Mother I was travelling by Interstate train and bus.The interconnection of strangers always amazes and delights me. Travelling in winter the common thread was discussing the weather and the prospect of snow on the nearby hills. … Continue reading

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Fire and Ice Relaxation, Fire meditation.

Bring your focus to your eyes,as your eyes steady, so too will your mind.Gaze into the flame. Meditation to increase concentration. Continue reading

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