Manufactured Fear.


Sometimes reading the news is very depressing, in fact I very rarely turn on  the T.V. As most reports that we’re listening to are what I would call manufactured fear.

Unfortunately this  fear divides us and causes bigotry toward others.  Manifesting fear comes in many subtle guises.  The very blatant are often around the time of the elections ,  when people say vote for me because they are coming to infiltrate our country.

Vote for me because they are going to take your jobs

Vote for me and I’ll keep you safe from that scary thing I said is coming to get you

America and what’s happening now they’re making it sound as if the world is suddenly more dangerous this is what we’re calling manufactured fear. It is a psychological tactic designed to create division between human beings. The idea of us versus them  simply done by pointing out the many differences in other people, other cultures and then they tell us we need to be afraid. Christmas is a time when we remember that we’re all one.

Look around at the Christmas  coloured lights connected on one interconnecting electric cord

Many  lanterns One light.

Christmas reminds us we are One with all human beings

And one with the universe.

Can we not welcome all beings into our heart this Christmas ?


About lorraine

After a nasty fall from my bicycle, coming home from high school, I began suffering from migraines. After a term of Chiropractic adjustments, which helped but did not entirely stop the migraine headaches, my parents in desperation sent me to yoga classes, The only available evening class in our area was filled with pregnant women. I felt out of place as a shy teenager, but persevered. adjustment,breathing, meditation and yoga proved the only therapy that bought relief from the headaches. Feeling well I got on with life, married moved from my home town and forgot the daily yoga practices and there benefits. Coming back to Yoga and meditation helped me manage during the time of my father's Cancer. and death. Later when my Husband became ill the natural decision was to qualify as a Yoga, meditation teacher to further assist others through the difficult times of illness and recovery or death. I have now been benefiting from the science and art of Yoga, Meditation for well over twenty five years.
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