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Stillness in each moment

Remember  you are in the moment when you take time to Breathe in calmly and deeply. breathe out Breathe in calmly and deeply.  So simple,well not always…so many distractions to take us away from this simplicity.  So again Just breathe … Continue reading

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Meditation- why is it difficult?tips to make it easier.

My sister has newly retired after 38 years of running her own business, she now needs to adapt to a very different lifestyle. I have been teaching yoga well probably 30 years. Now we have time to talk .Rae is ringing … Continue reading

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Ouch. New Year’s Eve Gatherings can hurt

We can numb ourselves with alcohol. Wonder why someone said something they may later regret or fill the silences with chatter. Feel isolated and alone and have depressive thoughts Why not try anew approach this New Year and treat yourself … Continue reading

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Beautiful skin this Summer.

Photo by Chandrika Nair The last Yoga class for 2015 found us in the bathroom  (all ladies,)  with a discussion on preparing skin for summer. Or if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere winter skin. I spoke to them briefly on the benefits … Continue reading

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Your courage helps others.

Interesting time Christmas. Did I read it once or was it what the Swami’s told us? The energy of the Christ ed one ( we celebrate the birth of a sacred child named Jesus at Christ – mass) comes close to … Continue reading

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Stress and your centre that controls it.

A girlfriend is very distressed by the problems caused by getting her mother in to a nursing home and now as her mother is deteriorating, our friend is choosing to sleep each night close to her Mother. This is immediate … Continue reading

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