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Ancient wisdom + modern Knowledge

Bring turmeric into your life to help you appreciate just what a valuable, shining human being you are. Continue reading

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The best present.Stop worrying.

For the men and women who are still fighting the fires in Mudgee, New South Wales.

I wish you safety and courage and most of all a speedy and safe recovery home.
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Being me in a world that is trying to make me someone else.

This lovely image came from eequalsvs. I am reminded of the saying “Interesting times we live in”   I would like to write more on this but the computer is on go slow today.

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Life is Joy…..well most days.

Some things I struggle with. My school days I am glad are well behind me,I was never the Teacher’s pet. No  my parents probably dreaded Parent’s teacher night. I was the child who tried to blend into the wallpaper. Because … Continue reading

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Are you green and Growing?

to be true to yourself is the hardest thing you can do. Continue reading

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Spring .

On our morning walk we noticed this pod opening, so intrigued, the hard shell cracking open to reveal  how many seeds? (I came back to photograph the merging life)   I am intrigued by the beauty of the  process, seeds becoming the silver … Continue reading

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Can your makeup harm you?

Ever since Kleopatra and well before we have been finding ways to enhance and modify our features. Well we do want to present at our best. Unfortunately   as our skin protects and seals us from toxins what we put … Continue reading

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