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Are you green and Growing?

to be true to yourself is the hardest thing you can do. Continue reading

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World water Day – Bless the Water

Bless the Water. March 19 for World Water day. join wont millions of others for this joy of water. Continue reading

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Early morning serenity – Simple exercise/Meditation

Activate your sense of listening, it is the silence you are listening for.
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7 tips for establishing your meditation practice.

I find we live much of life on automatic pilot. We know more joy when we  1. State specifically what we want.    2.Constantly focus on it. 3. Take action to make it happen. Tip 1  Be realistic in your … Continue reading

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Living with a brain tumour – Meditation.

tip# 1 Never feel guilty when you take care of yourself. people will forget that as the care giver you are living the same life as the brain tumour patient. Continue reading

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Stress and your centre that controls it.

A girlfriend is very distressed by the problems caused by getting her mother in to a nursing home and now as her mother is deteriorating, our friend is choosing to sleep each night close to her Mother. This is immediate … Continue reading

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Children and dogs.

And I will add the gift of children and their deep sense of connection. The meditation of living in each moment. As the Fellow says they are open. Continue reading

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