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Your courage helps others.

Interesting time Christmas. Did I read it once or was it what the Swami’s told us? The energy of the Christ ed one ( we celebrate the birth of a sacred child named Jesus at Christ – mass) comes close to … Continue reading

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Money as friend not foe- more money in your life?

Checking my e-mails this morning I was delighted with the comments made by Lilly Jenson Having Abundance is your birthright! “Many of us have conflicting beliefs and energy around money, prosperity and abundance. We aspire to live well and to … Continue reading

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Chasing Happiness when it is living inside you.

Relax Happiness resides inside you. says the ancient teaching. Lying on the mat in my yoga class I always melted when my teacher said the words “You already have enough, you already know enough, you already are enough.” But sharing … Continue reading

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Meditation and your relationships

In any given moment we are in relationship, Starting with how we view our selves,(greater and smaller) and how we view “the other person” and the wider world.Ralph Blum tells us ” while on the one hand you are limited … Continue reading

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Expectations and the gifts they contain

Last evening I was quite excited about seeing professor Cox searching for answers about ourselves and our origins in the Universe. Portrayed in the t.v. program “Wonders of the Universe: Destiny.” My expectation of snuggling in before a warm fire  … Continue reading

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