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Ouch. New Year’s Eve Gatherings can hurt

We can numb ourselves with alcohol. Wonder why someone said something they may later regret or fill the silences with chatter. Feel isolated and alone and have depressive thoughts Why not try anew approach this New Year and treat yourself … Continue reading

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Relax It’s Christmas

For me in the silences, the riches of Christmas arises,The candle glow on the tree catching the tinsel in sparkling haloes of light. The still point that gave us the Christ child and the gifts of Christ Mass. a time to say thank you for a year past. Continue reading

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Doubt kills – 5 easy ways to conquer self doubt.

5 great ways to conquer self doubt. Continue reading

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Meditation is positive and has it’s own reward. Healing disease?

I was rinsing some woollen sweaters in the laundry and gazed out of ┬áthe window to see our 80 plus,year old neighbour up the ladder trimming his cyprus hedge.Collecting gardening gloves and pruning shears we hurried to help out. I … Continue reading

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Stategies for a spiralling mind

I have not followed my meditation practice this morning and find the mind is flitting like a bird in the branches of a tree. Hither and thither, not stopping to observe, is it a downward spiral I am engaged in? Continue reading

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Meditation brings the best out in you.

“It felt like there was a strong centre to her being. Chatting:warming and stilling with her presence.” Continue reading

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Meditation to help soldiers with PTSD

Sadly many returning service men and women suffering from PTSD do not seek treatment as they feel it may affect their career. Continue reading

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